An Open Letter to my HUMSS 12 Plato

Writing this letter the moment I woke up from yesterday’s event. I have the high hopes that something will lead you to this, your eyes to these words and your mind to the way we were for the past semester. I’m sorry that this is the only way I could convey my message to you. There are two things I’d like to say– one is my gratitude and the other is a wish.

The past semester was truly a roller-coaster ride not only for you but for me as well. I want to sincerely thank you for making me feel I exist. Seriously. That I have a different purpose now.  Through all these years, I felt that my life is a huge mess. It was like waking up every morning, surviving the day, still battling at night, hitting the sheets, sleep and repeat. For so long, I doubted myself. That there are a lots of things I am incapable of doing. That I have no intended purpose in this world and I should live to survive and not survive to live. I felt empty. I felt less of a person. I seem to be slipping back to the old habits I spent years trying to salvage myself from. I was too busy yet serene these days  weeks months that a parcel of me believes that my thoughts are locked in an eternal slumber somewhere. Somehow. Amidst consciousness. But a bigger, unrelenting part refuses to brand me a vague throb in someone else’s life– in my advisory class’ lives.

But the moment I lived my life outside the academe, everything has changed. And you were part of the change I zealously wanted for myself. You play a big role in my professional life. You were part of my answered prayer. You were simply a part of myself.

I thank you for showcasing everything I have witnessed. Not the performance tasks alone. But the God-given talents you all have. From time to time, I’ll say “I’m so proud of you.”; “Wow ang galing galing naman”. I mean it. Every single word. You are someone I admire in this eagerly competitive world. I witnessed a class who never settle for less that something they know they deserve. You aspire for the best and strives really hard to make everything work efficiently. This is something I want to keep, forever. I want to be someone as competitive as you. I wish I was like you. When I was at your age (not so long ago), I only settle for what’s good that I even forgot to work even better or best. I kept on saying, “pwede na ‘to”, “okay na yan”, “papasa din”, “nakakapagod lang”. And I was wrong. I should’ve pursued more and live life as if it’s the last. Thank you for opening a door to this reality. Thank you for showing me what a “best work” can do, what it can pave ways. You showed me the galaxies underneath my skin. Thank you!

The second thing I want to say is my wish. I’d humbly wish upon all those stars in the night sky that may all your wishes come true. That in the many years to come, you’ll be the person you were dreaming of today. I am indeed so blessed that, in one way or another, I heard about your dreams in the little individual talks we had. I am glad that you’re courageously opening up your door to the thousand possibilities you may tackle outside the four walls of the school. I wish you joy beyond compare.

I wish to God Almighty that you’ll choose the course you love, something you are passionate of doing and pursuing. That will drive you to striving for what you wanted to achieve. Conquer and choose your battles. In the near future, I wish that you’ll get the job you really want. You’ll all be paving different ways and these ways are endless. The world outside the academic arena is truly different. Nevertheless, still do the same thing. Dream big. Work hard. Aspire for more. I wish you’ll gonna land on a job that will help you develop yourself and will inch you towards the dreams you have built. I hope you’ll find satisfaction each and every day when #Adulting seems an inevitable change in your life.

Someday, when we meet in a cafe, or shopping malls or we bumped on each other while crossing streets, I wish you’ll gonna greet me with your sweetest smile. And say, “Kumusta ka na, Mam? Successful na po ako..” 

Until then, congratulations, my HUMSS Plato! You know how proud I am of each and everyone of you. God Speed! Per aspera ad astra!

Till we see each other again.





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