10 Things I Miss | 02

Freedom Park. UPLB Freedom Park has always been a sanctuary to me. It is a place I used to go to when I felt melancholic, or I want to think of something or just kill some of my time. I miss those moments when the weather was a bit placid, I was sitting on its benches, reading books, handouts and notes, while listening to music through my earphones. Those were the moments I find tranquility of the mind. A moment when I somehow felt relaxed and away from the chaotic world the university brought me. The Freedom Park is a witness of the tears I had when I was struggling in life during college. Been a witness how happy I was during times of success and a witness how I finally ended my university life.

Nokia 2630. This unit has been my first cellphone ever! This was given to me by my father. No, crap it. I didn’t give it back. Haha. I only borrowed the phone for three days because I was about to attend a Press Conference during my sophomore year back in high school. I asked my father if I can borrow his phone so I can call them anytime. Plus, it has camera and I was eager to take photos of myself and the place and the event as a souvenir. He agreed, thanks, Lord. But I asked him if I can extend the days of me borrowing his phone. He (again) agreed. Extend again. And again. And I didn’t give it back. HEHEHEHE.

DL Umali Hall. This hall is a home to me. A lot of my professors, especially those from Department of Social Sciences and Department of Humanities require us students to watch plays in our courses. And this hall was the venue most of the time.  This is not only where academic fora were being done. This has also became a home for young theater artists who have flawlessly showcased their talents among people of this age. Not only were they majoring on theater but they make sure that every play would incorporate deep thoughts among the audience. I myself have witnessed several plays and theaters done by ComArts and DevCom students among others. Some of them are my friends. And a lot of it made me cringe from within. I miss watching plays and all.

Japanese cakes. These cakes cost only five pesos, being sold at the Raymundo gate near College of Economics and Management (CEM). Every vacant hours or if I have time, I’d go there just to buy these Japanese cakes and savor these in my dorm or at the OUR to have some rest.

UPLB Main Lib. This is one of my most favorite places in UPLB. Not because I really love studying (because I don’t, haha) or because it is airconditioned or because of the free WiFi. I love this place because it naturally gives calmness in me. The MainLib know all my pains and depressions. It was a witness of how hard I persevered and how much effort I gave to my courses. I miss sleeping in here, too. HEHE. Whenever I lacked sleep or whenever I was deprived of rest and all, this is where I (try to) pull myself together and manage my spirit to fight again.

Sharlene Malata. She’s my bestfriend since Kindergarten. If you know me well, you’d know how much fond we are with each other. She’s a sib to me that I treat her a family as well. She moved in their new place in a subdivision few barangays away from here. But these days weeks months, I don’t see her again. I don’t remember the last time I saw her personally and bond with her along with some of our friends. The last time, I think, was during the wake of my Nanay, August last year. She’s not even active in social media and she has no cellphone. Whenever she’s online, I’m gonna chat her with “hi best” and the likes but won’t get any response at all. I miss her during special occasions, during moments when I want to share how my date went, or want to rant about something stupid, during moments where I and some of my friends belonging to the same circle get together to go shopping, adventures and all. Nakakamiss lang. 

Dramafire.com If you’re a lover of KDrama, you’ll probably know what site is this. This is a site of fandom, happiness, tears and even heartaches. Unfortunately, for some odd reason, I can’t access the site. Maybe it was banned, or what? I dunno. I need closure. Haha. So I moved to kissasian.ch to watch Kdrama series. (PS. I finished watching Uncontrollably Fond a week ago and gave me tons of heartache! Any KDrama to recommend for me to move on?)

Meteor Garden. Before any other KDrama hooked me (and my heart), it was Meteor Garden who made my heart falter, broken and jump into joy. I remember I was in my 4th grade when it was aired in ABS-CBN. I would rush going home from school so I won’t miss any single episode of it. Missing episodes was really a pain in the heart. Youtube and internet weren’t rampant during that time and I can’t go back to those episodes I missed. Dao Ming Si was my first love (hehehe) and he, losing his memory, was my first heartbreak.

Research papers. It is quite funny that I miss doing research papers. Surely, my college classmates would laugh on this. Hehe. But yeah.. I don’t even know why I am missing the research paper days. Back in college, all my major subjects/sociology courses require a term paper or an empirical research paper. And even some (GE/minor, supposedly) subjects require the same thing too. Doing such thing kills me like hell. It sucks all the stamina that I have, kills all the living neurons in my brain and even deteriorate my health. It caused much pressure on me also. It is ironic that I miss going to the field to gather data from different sectors of the society, to meet people in various walks of life, and see a glimpse of social reality from the data we were collecting. It’s like we were doing research not only for academic purposes but learning things from people as well.

Unmonitored social media accounts. I miss those years when no one monitors my social media accounts. Before, I was free to post anything in my accounts without people looking at it and care. Here’s a confession. I feel that my social media accounts especially my twitter account has been in the public eye since I teach. There are students who do nothing but dig my old posts and try to look for something they can make issue about. I was even counselled by my fellow faculty member about me posting tweets which contains “foul” words. But, hold on, that was several years ago and I myself cannot even dig on those. It is only these students who, instead of spending their time studying, goes to my account and see things there. It pissed me off but it piss me more that I cannot do anything but to keep my account silent. It feels that I am not free to say what I want and voice it out in my social media just like the old times. It feels like students are monitoring my acts and worse, send screenshots to fellow faculty members just to pull me down.

There! Just few of those hundreds of things I miss. Most of these were stuff back in college. Perhaps I miss being a student? Yah. Things I miss since I am transitioning to these phase called ‘adulthood’.


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