Sunday Spotlight| 06 Beach Day (06.24.18)

Should’ve posted this a week ago when everything was still fresh and were fully remembered. But I lack the drive to write because I thought of spending the last week of vacation to just rest and catch up on sleep since tomorrow is the first day of class and I’d be able to take a rest on the sembreak. But here, daming eme,  here is what happened during our mini-getaway last weekend– Beach Day at San Juan, Batangas. Blue Coral Beach Resort

It was my cousin’s (Kuya Rommel & Ate Tina’s) wedding anniversary. Instead of eating somewhere outside, they planned to treat us  to the beach– which I think was a very good idea. I was too excited to know the news because I was not able to join them the last time they went to Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. That was graduation day and it sucks that the scheduled ‘family day’ fell on graduation day of Senior High School from which we were required to attend. Anyhoo, there are always second chances so I didn’t let this opportunity slide again on me. The number of people that can only be accommodated was 16 but we exceeded to 20-ish. There were only 16 slots but I was sire that one slot was mine since those slots were reserved for those who weren’t able to join last month’s trip. But the idea of having only us (mga napag-iwanan last time) didn’t happen. And I was a bit sad since Tatay wasn’t able to join. These makukulit kiddos pushed themselves to come also. Hindi talaga mapag-iiwanan!

We departed at around 3pm-ish on Saturday (June 23) and arrived at around 5:30 the same day. We headed to San Juan via Candelaria to get away with traffic. But we were wrong. The traffic in San Pablo still sucked and crept the whole out of it. This is what I was saying- we should’ve departured earlier (like 8’oclock) so we could’ve arrived at around 1pm which was originally the reserved check-in. We could’ve enjoyed the beach at a steady afternoon under the scorching heat of the sun.

Dinner was served in a buffet. Foods were awesome! After our meals, we took a quick dip on the pools and enjoyed the rest of the night. It was a very relaxing moment, though. Even if I (still) don’t know how to swim. *sigh* We slept passed midnight. Mama Loida suffered from extreme stomachache which almost f*cked her night out.

We woke up at 5:30 to see the sunrise. I dragged Joyce and Aan and woke Niña up in the other room to accompany me at the seashore to see the magnificence of the sunrise.

So we did. And the rest of the fam also went by.


We took random photos before swimming in the high-tide beach. I felt the extreme need to feel the beach against my skin so I took off my contact lenses and immediately swam. It really sucks to have a very poor eyesight while going to the beach. You are torned between wearing your contacts/eyeglass or go without wearing any. But the blurred surrounding would kill you and you won’t perfectly enjoy the picturesque view of the place. I even asked Joyce and Aan to accompany me anywhere and to never leave me because I wouldn’t be able to see them, even the stairsteps and I might fall. Good thing, they did. They love me, omygod!

Beach. Waves. Sun. Sand.

We rode banana boat. It was my first time to ride such. I was seated the the end of the boat which made my mom worried. She asked Kuya Pakner to exchange seats with me so I can be ‘safe’. But I resisted. I want to be seated at the back so I can see the waves after the boat. The boys in front of us were too silly to jump while seated which made the boat unsteady. But made the ride more fun! We ventured the beach for 20minutes or so. I was caressing the waves with my feet and it was a very relaxing thing. I even asked Venn who was in front of me to check me from time to time if I am still seated on the banana boat or I was already drowning in the waves. I was thanking God while I was looking at the beautiful view. And hoped that it won’t be my last. To more next-times!

After banana boating, we tried another ride/adventure. We road on a motor boat. Our fam was divided to three batches that should be consisted of a maximum member of seven. I belonged to the second batch along with some of my cousins. The third batch was only consisted of five member so I didn’t get off. Hehe. I enjoyed another 15 minutes travelling the beach. It was soooo fun! Sadly, I wasn’t able to have photos at the middle of the sea because I was too afraid to lose grip of my phone that time. But, I still captured the view in my mind and will forever get back to this.


Lunch time in the same buffet and it was kinda sad that time passed by way too fast. We have to check out at 1pm. I immediately took bath and fix my things. Knowing me, I am forgetful and I might not look at my things from time to time. All cleaned up and organized. I was ready to leave. No, I left my heart here.



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