Cueshe Night

Writing this post few hours after waking up. Got home at around 1:30am from the gym and stayed up till dawn. Had a whale of a time jamming last night with fam and friends while Cueshe was on the track. It was our barangay fiesta and it felt damn good that it was Cueshe who was invited as guest performers. I didn’t even believe my mom when she informed me that Cueshe will perform during the fiesta. I thought that would be quite impossible. But she was right. So, automatically, I didn’t let this opportunity slip against my palms for I might have no any other chance to see them perform live.

I love Cueshe since 2005. I was a fifth grader then, a 10-year old kid. I am turning 23, but fascinated by their songs up to date. Who wouldn’t? I have always been downloading their songs and listen to them anytime I needed to relax and temporarily leave the world. Whenever I ride on the bus or jeep going to my workplace, I’d pull up my earphones and listen to the songs of Cueshe. There is never a day that would pass that I won’t listen to one of their tracks. A day without it would still be incomplete. The beats strum so closely to the heart and every word seems love everyone would long to feel.

Last night was a moment worth remembering. Up until now, my heart still flusters whenever I think that Cueshe was just right in front of me–inches away– for about an hour singing the songs I just listen to my cellphone through my speakers or white earphones. I still can’t get over with the jam and the joy I had last night. I was with my sister, cousin, and friends which made the night more awesome as it was. We were so hyped that we didn’t notice the night was getting a little more deep. Kapitan Laddie and Tita/Konsehal were looking at us for we were obviously swayed by the band. I was even pushing myself to the crowd just to hold the vocalist’s hand whenever he reaches for his fans. And I did it numerous times without failing. Hehe.

Every song has my heart. Few of my faves would include Pasensya na, Bakit, Can’t let you go, Someday, Borrowed Time, Stay and of course the song which made me love them when I was in Grade five – Ulan. I was staring at them the whole time and there was never a dull moment with them while they were performing for less than an hour. But you won’t notice any evidence of them being exhausted. The level of their energy was consistent from the first song they rendered until the last. So we were. Hehe. My instagram stories were filled with them as they were performing my favorite parts of their every song. I was afraid I might lose grip of my phone while taking videos and photos of them but I was strong enough to handle the case. Lol. But seriously, it was undeniably evident that all of them give in to their best just to give us a very good show. They even give more than enough. And I would, of course, commend them for that. This is the BEST jam I’ve had, I should say.

Yesterday night, I was not a teacher, not an employee and not a young adult. Last night, I was kid, a fan girl and a person who went down memory lane. Every song they rendered gave back the memories I’ve had when the world was still a good show. When there were no toxicity in life. Last night, I saw myself as someone who has the wild vigor and enthusiasm whilst enjoying what kind of jam life has to give. It was so nice to realize that I am still in love with the same songs, the same beautiful melody and the same artists like how I was in love with them when I was still an innocent kid.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Cueshe!




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